History Of Arta Ardabil Cement Co.

Arta Ardabil Cement Company was established on 3/25/1366. And in the beginning of 1370, the executive operation of the production line buildings and in 1371 the components of the internal construction operation and in 1372 the installation operation of the production line equipment started. The factory is located 20 km from Ardabil to Astara road and near Namin section and Gardeh village. The lands of the lime mine are located one and a half kilometers “southwest”, the clay mine is 8 kilometers, the silica mine is 67 kilometers and the Pozzolan mine is 45 kilometers from the factory. Factory and mine lands are 650 hectares, of which 145 hectares are allocated to the factory.
The product type of this factory is Portland pozzolanic cement, special pozzolanic, composite Portland cement, type one and type two. The nominal capacity of clinker is 3333 tons per day and pozzolanic cement is 3500 tons per day.
The amount of electricity consumed in the production line is 18 MW and the amount of electricity in other cases is 0.6 MW. The fuel oil used for the fuel of the furnace is 12,500 liters per hour. Also, the gas consumption of the furnace is 330,000 cubic meters per day. Tons per day and limestone as needed and pozzolan 525 tons per day.
The water required for the production line is 12 liters per second and 43 cubic meters per hour per day.

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 – Prevention of pollution, ‌ Control and reduction of environmental pollutants and preservation of the environment.
 – Maintaining the health of personnel by preventing the occurrence of accidents, injuries and occupational diseases by increasing the level of  safety and improving working conditions.